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Welcome to Vaping Review. For anyone who doesn’t know what vaping is, it is the 21st century’s answer to smoking but without the smell, the chemicals or the stigma of conventional smoking. Just how cool is that? No more are you confined to the outside of the office, restaurant  or bar. Traditional smoking materials contain tar and many other harmful chemicals that prolong shelf life and help combustibility. Electronic cigarettes change all that for the better.Electronic Cigarette

Smoking addiction involves the whole smoking experience, so the smoker does not just get addicted to the effects and taste of nicotine, but he or she has also becomes used to the act of lighting up and puffing. So while nicotine patches and gums are great alternatives for those needing their nicotine fix, they are unable to replicate the act of smoking. In response to this, manufacturers created electronic cigarettes to mimic all of the associated actions of cigarette smoking.

Men and women of all ages and nationalities now enjoy the wonders of electronic cigarettes. As you are reading this, it appears that you are considering becoming one of us. Well you will be pleased to know that you have come to the right place, Vaping Review  is a new but very experienced website dealing with all the leading types and brands of e-cigarettes and e-liquid.

Contained in our site is all the information that you need to know to determine if this marvellous alternative to tobacco cigarettes (or pipes and cigars) is right for you, what to order to make it work, where from and how to use it.

(NOTE: Electronic cigarettes are designed for use as a nicotine replacement therapy for conventional cigarette users. They may also help to curb the smoking/vaping habit by allowing the use of reduced strengths of nicotine in the cartomiser unit).

Vaping Review is proud to be a member of the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association UK.

Click on the image above to watch a short interview with Dr. Hilary Jones and his opinions on electronic cigarettes.

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